Needle Applicator Set (ink sold separately)


Needle applicators are ideal for drawing lines onto monotype plates. The small bellows bottle fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. Stainless steel flow-through needles will not clog and withstand repeated use.

The lines produced by the tips are similar to those from technical pens. Angled Tips, are rigid and angled at 45 degree angle for ease of drawing precise lines. The Plastic Flexible Tip creates the finest lines while the Plastic Tapered Cone Tip makes bold, wide lines. The Plastic Tapered Cone Tip is very tough and so it is fine for kids to use.


Variety Needle Applicator Set Includes: 5 bellows-bottles, 5 stems, 5 caps, 3 steel angled tips, 1 plastic straight tip and 1 plastic tapered tip. (Ink sold separately)

Needle Tips

The needle tip is ideal for drawing fine lines, similar to an etching, onto monotype plates and paper.

Interchangeable Tips:

  • Steel Angled Tips: Sturdy½ tip
    Angled tip for ease of drawing precise lines and detail.
    Available in x fine, fine, med, wide, and x wide size tips
  • Plastic Straight Tips: Super flexible 1/2 tip
    Use for ultra fine lines and detail.
    Available in fine size tips.
  • Plastic Tapered Tip: Rigid 1 ¼
    Great for bold lines and selected areas of color.
    Available in med size tips.


Akua Printmaking Plates

For best results use Akua Printmaking Plates, made of PETG plastic . Acrylic (Plexiglas) is not recommended because it is brittle and cracks easily under the pressure of the press or if it is dropped. For best results, use thin plates such as (0.03) or (0.04). Thick plates will cause dry paper to wrinkle when going through the press. Thinner plates may be too flimsy and difficult to handle when printing.

PETG is durable but softer than Polycarbonate. It is appropriate for monotype but if textured materials are placed on the surface when going through the press a slight impression will be embedded into the plastic making it no longer suitable monotype.
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Akua Wiping Fabric

• Ideal for wiping all types of intaglio plates.

• Made from sturdy, long lasting and lint free polyester

• Smoother and softer than tarlatan

• Offers solid areas of color without streaking

• Akua ink will never dry and harden on this fabric

• Save money by reusing over and over again.

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Akua Pin Press (hand printing press)

Monotype printmakers may not need the use of a heavy etching press, especially with Akua inks. The PinPress was designed specifically for monotype printmaking. The roller is precisely machined to an incredibly even and smooth surface for uniform contact between the roller, paper and plate. Durable all metal construction made of aluminum and brass bushings insures long lasting, trouble-free printing.

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