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Printing Really Big Monotypes by Steamroller & Skateboard
Comparing Akua Water-based ink & Oil-based ink

Multi-plate Drypoint Monoprint

Intaglio Type Monoprint

“KONSTLYFTET” -- Large scale trace monotype, working with people with a functional disorder.

“KONSTLYFTET” was a printmaking project for people with a functional disorder by the Swedish art institution Malmö Konsthall. In co-operation with LSS Daily Activity Tolvan, Kronan and Grrrafik. Project leaders: Antje Nilsson (Malmö Konsthall) & Vera Ohlsson (Grrrafik). Film by LSS Antennen.

Participants used Akua Intaglio inks to do large scale trace monotypes. For more information on similar project click here
We’ve only posted a clip here, but if you’d like to see the film in its entirety, go to:

Printing Really Big Monotypes by Steamroller, Skateboard and Breakdancing

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In May, Rostow & Jung family, (Susan, William and Jarrett) created six, 8 foot by 4 foot monotypes with Keith Howard, Head of Printmaking at RIT, during the Imagine Innovation and Creativity Festival.

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Comparing Processes and Print Results using Akua Water-based ink and Oil-based ink

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In March of 2008, Master Printmaker, Tony Kirk and Susan Rostow printed a variety of plates using both oil-based and Akua Water-based inks at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk Connecticut. This project was made possible through a grant called the Employee Enrichment Fund at New Canaan Community Foundation, which is funded through the Jeniam Foundation, at the direction of Andrew Clarkson.

Slide show includes 4 tests:
TEST 1: Test plate with aquatint, line etching
TEST 2: Solarplate with image by Mary Frank
TEST 3: Aquatint plate with image by Donald Sultan
TEST 4 Steel faced etching with image by David Finkbeiner.
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Printing a Multi-plate Drypoint Monoprint

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In the summer of 2007 Scotish printmaker Hugh Bryden printed a 4 color drypoint monoprint. He used a combination of Akua Kolor and Akua Intaglio inks and printed it with the new 42lbs portable Uber Press at Making Art Safely in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dry point workshop info
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Printing Intaglio Type Monoprints

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In October 2006 Ron Pokrasso was invited by The Print Club of Rochester to come and present a full day instructional demonstration of his working process to their members. With the graciousness of Keith Howard along with four RIT students and the use of the print facility at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY he produced four works using Akua Intaglio and Akua Kolor inks. This is a slide documentation of the process.
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