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Akua Staff USA

Susan Rostowcreator of Akua Inks
Email: susanrostow(at)speedballart(dot)com
Rostow workshop description
Rostow Gallery

Independent Instructors (USA)

The following instructors are independent artists and are not employees of Speedball Art Products, Co.  Please contact them directly for their workshop schedule or invitation to teach at your studio.

Debra Arter lives in Damariscotta, Maine. Teaches privately and regionally as well as at Midcoast Printmaking Studio
Phone: 207 563 7100
Email: debraarter(at)gmail(dot)com

Dan Welden lives in Sag Harbor, New York
Phone: (631) 725-3990
Email: Dan(at)solarplate(dot)com

Charlie Ciali lives in Palm Springs, CA
Email: charliepsca(at)gmail(dot)com
Phone: (760) 409-9468

Christopher Shore lives in Norwalk, CT
Email: CShore(at)contemprints(dot)org
Phone: (203) 899-7999

Amy Nack lives in Boise, ID
Email: info(at)wingtippress(dot)com
Phone: (208) 447-8457

Joyce Silverstone lives in Amherst, MA
Email: joycesilverstone(at)crocker(dot)com
Phone: (413) 687-2252

Barbara Mason lives in Beaverton, OR
Email: barbaramason45(at)yahoo(dot)com
Phone: (503) 539-3519

Curtis Wright lives in Monroe, WA
Email: anniversaryyearpress(at)mac(dot)com 
Phone: (360) 348-7945

Catherine Kernan lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Also teaches in New Mexico
Email: catherinekernan(at)comcast(dot)net
Kernan Gallery & Workshop Info

Mitch Lyons lives in Pennsylvania
Lyons Gallery

Ron Pokrasso lives in Santa Fe New Mexico
Email: info(at)ronpokrasso(dot)com
Pokrasso Gallery & Workshop Info

Neal Ambrose Smith lives in New Mexico
Email: rezndn(at)gmail(dot)com
Smith Gallery and workshop info

Julio Valdez lives in New York, NY and Washington DC
Email: silkaquatint(at)yahoo(dot)com
Valdez Gallery

Melanie Yazzie lives in Boulder, Colorado and teaches nationally and internationally in diverse locations.
Phone: 303-828-0650
Yazzie gallery

Independent Artist/Instructors (International)

Astrid Ho lives in Toronto, ON Canada
Email: info(at)astridho(dot)ca

Victoria Cowen lives in Toronto, ON Canada
Email: vcowen(at)gmail(dot)com
Phone: (250) 758-1648

Anne Jones lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia
Email: bluewaveprintmakers(at)shaw(dot)ca
Phone: (250) 758-1648

Henrik Boegh lives in Spain, Belgium, and Holland

tel. +45 35 35 39 07

Filip Le Roy lives in Belgium, Also teaches in France and Holland.

T +32 2 267 86 73 F +32 2 267 34 43
GSM + 324 7539 26 57
Email: leroypartners(at)telenet(dot)be

John Brebner lives in Feilding, New Zealand

Email: homeprint(at)gmail(dot)com

Phone: 0274506826
06 3238046 Studio

Mark Graver lives in Kerikeri, New Zealand

Email: info(at)nontoxic-printmaking(dot)co(dot)nz