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Big Woodblock Monoprints: Steam Roller Printing in Texas

Using Akua Intaglio Inks, Luis Valderas, Kim Bishop and Paul Karam, in collaboration with Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, created 33 collaborative prints. The finished prints will later be assembled into one final piece, creating the largest monoprint in Texas.
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Instructions (pdf 4 pages)
Q & A’s (pdf 1 page)
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Between Ink and Paper:

Printmaking with Catherine Kernan and Akua Inks

Between Ink and Paper is a remarkable document of Catherine Kernan’s creativity, skill, and above all, her eagerness to accept challenge and chance (clearly a lesson beyond art-making, but for all of life). … read moreRoberta Waddell, Curator and Art Historian formerly Curator of Prints at The New York Public Library

The DVD Between Ink and Paper is 85 minutes with 16 Chapters


Chapter 1 A Conversation
Play Preview (1:08)

Chapter 2 Inking and Proofing the Block (3:04)

Chapter 3 About Akua Inks (2:57)

Chapter 4 Brilliance and Transparency (2:16) Play Preview (1:23)

Chapter 5 Modifying the Inks (8:57)
Play Preview (1:07)

Chapter 6 Cleaning Up (2:08)

Chapter 7 Offset to Plastic (7:15)

Chapter 8 Releasing the Ghost (5:11)

Chapter 9 Transfers by Hand (4:04)
Play Preview (1:05)

Chapter 10 Offset Reversal with Resist (5:05)

Chapter 11 Reversals and Layers (15:20)  Play Preview (1:37)

Chapter 12 Release Agent (3:18)

Chapter 13 Cleaning a Block (2:17)

Chapter 14 Textured Surface Roll (4:01)

Chapter 15 Block to Block: Lifting (7:33)

Chapter 16 Block to Block: Offset with Roll (3:36)

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Video Demo: Printing with PinPress and etching press

Susan Rostow shows using drypoint tools on a plastic plate, inking the plate using Akua Wiping Fabric, printing it with an etching press on Hahnemuhle Copperplate paper and printing by hand with the PinPress on Revere smooth paper using Akua Intaglio and Akua Kolor.

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Carborundum Collagraph Monoprint

Video demo: Printing the Plate

Catherine Kernan prints a carborundum collagraph monoprint with viscosity rolls using Akua Intaglio inks.

Play the Video 3:21 minutes

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Intro to Akua Intaglio Inks

Video Demo: Dry Point & Monotype

Learn about Akua Intaglio inks and how to print a drypoint plate in combination with monotype.

Susan Rostow demonstrates printing this  monoprint created by Hugh Bryden.

Play the Video 7:57 minutes This video was produced by Blick Artist Materials

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Intro to Akua Kolor Inks

Video Demo: 4 Color Reductive  Monotype

Learn about Akua Kolor and how to print a 4 color reductive monotype.

Susan Rostow demonstrates printing this monotype created by Felix Plaza .

Play the Video 4:26 minutes.  This video produced by Blick Artist Materials

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Intro to Akua Modifiers

Learn about modifiers for Akua Kolor and Akua Intaglio inks. This video was produced by Blick Artist Materials

Play the Video 4:37 minutes

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Painterly Printmaking with Monotype

Gail and Julia Ayres demonstrate both additive and reductive monotype techniques. They show how to use the hand held PinPress and Akua inks

Play Trailer 1:00 minute

Safer Printmaking With Akua Water-Based Inks

Artist Demonstrations For The Beginner Or Advanced Printmaker. Susan Rostow & William Jung take you through the steps for creating reductive, additive and viscosity monotypes with and without a press; Tung Hoang shows how to print a simple one-color intaglio plate; David Jay Reed prints a four-color photo-intaglio image; and April Vollmer offers her expertise in traditional Japanese woodblock. Additional demonstrations on color mixing, modifiers, and unique monotype drawing tools are included..

Play Clip Rolling Up Akua Kolor 2:00 minutes

Play Trailer :30 seconds

Purchase DVD 53-minute DVD

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mouse trap

A monotype animation by Meejin Hong

i LuV the multiplane stand! this animation is basically like painting on glass but the opposite. instead of adding on the ink, i took it away: rolled up a solid layer of black akua intaglio ink on glass with a brayer, made the image by wiping away with tissue/dry brush/finger, captured a frame with a dslr canon d50 downshooter, then rolled up another layer of ink to start the whole process again. drew around 500 frames. recorded sound around the house with the help of my roomie Kirsten’s dirty mouth.

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