Victoria Cowan

Lives in: Toronto, Canada
Techniques: Intaglio, Drypoint, Collagraph, Monotype, Relief

Victoria Cowan is a prize-winning graduate of Concordia University and the Ontario College of Art & Design.  Her combination of experience in fine art, adult education and text editing all prepare her to offer in-depth, articulate instruction in the visual arts, concentrating primarily on printmaking and collage. Victoria shows regularly, having won awards in painting and in printmaking, and is active as a jurist. Her work is found in collections in North America and Europe, and has been chosen for covers of publications in Canada, the  USA and Sweden. See for examples of her work, as well as her teaching and lecturing schedule.

Selected Works

"Another Air," Collage of my own prints (Etching, Woodblock, Batique on paper) mounted on aluminum

"Calm Seas," Softoleum relief, three-plates, hand print edition of twelve

"Can Can," Collagraph & Relief Monoprint

"Lost In Time," Multi-layered, multi-plate Monotype

"Santa Fe Veil," Multi-layered Monotype, Akua Intaglio, Opaque White with pale colour veiling

"Water World," Multi-layered Monotype with additive and reductive stencils, Akua Intaglio, Transparent Base, Opaque White veiling