Trace Monotype

Suggested Supplies
Akua Intaglio ink

Akua Intaglio ink / Smooth printmaking paper / Plastic monotype plate

FREE INSTRUCTIONS For Trace Monotype (printable)

Trace Monotype (also known as transfer drawing) is a direct-drawing printmaking technique. After inking a plate, paper is placed on top of the inky surface. Using a pen, stick or any other stylus, the image is drawn on the back of the paper. The pressure of the drawing tool picks up a line of ink on the paper as the pen bears down. When the paper is peeled off the plate, the lines appear on the paper. Usually a second print is pulled by printing the remaining ink on the plate. The second print yields a negative impression of the first print.

Multiple-Color Trace Monotype
by: Michael Gettings

Single Color Trace Monotype & Second Printing (ghost print)
by: Michael Gettings

Multiple-Color Trace Monotype
by: Michael Gettings

How To:

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FREE INSTRUCTIONS For Trace Monotype (printable)Trace Monotype with Akua Intaglio

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Trace monotypes made by using a  Skate Board

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Plastic monotype plate / Akua Intaglio ink