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SAFER PRINTMAKING with Susan Rostow William Jung and friends $25.00

SAFER PRINTMAKING with Susan Rostow William Jung and friends $25.00


53 mins.

This video is filled with valuable, well demonstrated information for the beginner or advanced printmaker. Susan Rostow & William Jung take you through the steps for creating reductive, additive and viscosity monotypes with and without a press; Tung Hoang shows how to print a simple one-color intaglio plate; David Jay Reed prints a four-color photo-intaglio image; and April Vollmer offers her expertise in traditional Japanese woodblock. Additional demonstrations on color mixing, modifiers, and unique monotype drawing tools are included.

The DVD includes the following valuable extras: a slideshow print gallery of over 60 prints by more than 40 artists; 14 pages of print-friendly text instructions for printmakers, teachers and students; links to safer printmaking resources and workshops.

DVD Includes:
* Reductive & Additive Monotype
* Viscosity Monotype
* Printing With & Without a Press
* One-Color Intaglio
* Four-Color Photo-Intaglio
* Japanese Woodblock
* Color Mixing & Modifiers
* Monotype Drawing Tools
* Print Gallery Slideshow
* Text Instructions
* Printmaking Resources
Price: $25.00
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