The AKUA Retail Sample Program

Akua Inks possess working properties unmatched by any other ink and provide artists with a completely unique printmaking experience.  The Akua Sample Program allows us to support you in creating word of mouth by sharing a sample with key influencers in your area–an artist on your staff, a local printmaker, an art educator–so that they can see first hand what sets these inks apart.

Not sure what impact passing on an Akua Sample Pack may have?  Here are just a couple thoughts from printmakers who have already had the opportunity to try out the Akua Sample Pack or have seen the contents demonstrated:

“I thank you again for the [Akua] samples.  I worked with the beautiful colors for a few hours today and I am so glad that i [had] this opportunity now. I am enthusiastic about sharing what I will learn because it is a real change for the best… it was about time to invent a new formula after 500 years.”

“Last week, I attended a monoprint demo of your [Akua} products… I was so excited by the possibilities, I got a Pin Press and Akua Ink…


Your FREE Akua Sample Pack Contains:

• Akua Intaglio™ Ink

• Akua Liquid Pigment™ Ink

• Akua Modifiers

• Akua Printmaking Plates




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Participation Requirements:  Must be an art materials reseller (existing Akua retailers are welcome to participate).

Limit on pack per retail location, subject to validation of active business address.

Final eligibility is at the discretion of the Speedball Art Product Company.