Akua Liquid Pigment Akua Intaglio Modifiers Accessories


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Akua Liquid Pigment

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4 fl. oz. plastic bottles

Discount Akua Liquid Pigment Ink Sets

4 Colors & 1 Modifier
7 Earth Colors

10 Colors & 6 Modifiers

17 Colors

Akua Intaglio

3 sizes to choose from
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Akua Intaglio 8 fl. oz. Sets

4 Colors
5 Colors & 2 Modifiers
11 Colors & 3 Modifiers

18 Colors

2 Metallic Colors & 1 Modifier

Black and Gray Set

Akua Intaglio 4 fl. oz. Sets

10 Color Set

Akua Intaglio 2 fl. oz. Set

8 Color Set Trial Set

Black and Gray Sampler Set


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Modifier Discount Set
Retarder (4 fl oz bottle)
Blending Medium (4 fl oz bottle)
Extender (4 fl oz bottle)
Tack Thickener (4 fl oz bottle)
Transparent Base (8 fl oz jar)
Ink Stiffener/ Oil Converter (8 fl oz jar)
Release Agent (8 fl oz jar)



Needle Applicator Set

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Akua Printmaking Plates and Wiping Fabric

Akua Printmaking Plates – for monotype, drypoint and collagraph / silk aquatint. Available in a variety of sizes and bulk packs.

Akua Wiping Fabric (tarlatan alternative)


Between Ink and Paper DVD (85 minutes) view trailers
Safer Printmaking DVD (53 minutes) view trailer

Hand Printing Press

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20″ Akua PinPress