Preview DVDs

DVD Includes:

  • Reductive & Additive Monotype
  • Viscosity Monotype
  • Printing With & Without a Press
  • One-Color Intaglio
  • Four-Color Photo-Intaglio
  • Japanese Woodblock
  • Color Mixing & Modifiers
  • Monotype Drawing Tools
  • Print Gallery Slideshow
  • Text Instructions
  • Printmaking Resources

Images taken from Safer Printmaking DVD below:


William Jung paints on the monotype plate with Akua Kolor.


“Air Thickened” Akua Kolor



Using Tack Thickener

Using Akua Intaglio Ink Stiffener (Oil Converter)

Mixing red Akua Intaglio ink into
Akua Intaglio Ink (Oil Converter).



Adding drops of Akua Kolor to the monotype plate.

Play 2 minute clip on Rolling-up Akua-Kolor from Safer Printmaking DVD



Rolling up Akua Kolor on the monotype plate.



April Vollmer printing a Japanese HangaWoodblock.


David Jay Reed cards the ink on the plate.


David Jay Reed printing a four color intaglio print.

Four Color Intaglio-type print by David Jay Reed.