2 D to 3 D Drypoint to Mixed Media Sculptural Books

by Susan Rostow, 
Susan Rostow gives us a behind the scenes look at turning those flat prints into three-dimensional sculptures on page 22 and 23 in the February 2015 issue of Central Booking Magazine

Artists as Inventors [read about Rostow & Jung]

by Kim Hall, Printed in Professional Artist Magazine February 2013, Copyright Professional Artist Magazine

The Intaglio Printmaking Technique for 4 color Intaglio-Type
by Keith Howard, Nov 2010, Copyright Keith Howard

Printing Really Big Monotypes by Steam Roller, Skateboard, and Breakdancing
By Susan Rostow, June 2008, Copyright Susan Rostow

Learning the Similarities & Differences between Oil & Water-based Inks
By Susan Rostow, May 27th 2008, Copyright Susan Rostow

Monotypes and Making a Difference
By Judy Wise, blog written April 13, 2006, Copyright Judy Wise

Intaglio & Mezzotint with Akua Intaglio Inks

By John C. Murray, February 2005, Copyright John C Murray

Making Monotypes With Process Colors
By Julia Ayres, February 2004, Printed in the February Issue of American Artist magazine, copyright Julia Ayres

Printing Intaglio and Monotypes with Water-Based Inks
by Susan Rostow & Willam Jung, copyright Rostow & Jung June 2002
Printed in Maryland Printmakers Newsletter

Printmaking without a Press
by Mercedese Bantz, April 2002, Printed in Somerset Studio Magazine, copyright Mercedese Bantz

Establishing a Baby-Safe Studio
by Julia Ayres, September 2000, Printed in Watercolor Magazine, copyright Julia Ayres

History of the Monotype
by William Jung, June 1996 copyright William Jung