Interactive Print Media and Animation

Moving Images with Akua Inks

“Remnants: Within an Age of Digitalism”
by, Marchelo Vera
Marchelo Vera + Yuya Takeda Collaboration (intaglio prints, print media, interactive media) 2012 Rochester Institute of Technology


The beginnings of the video process work were done with the actual Akua prints. Once I worked out a lot of the variables, the video was made using the digital hand done renderings that were also produced as prints.”

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The new technology used in this piece uses what’s referred to as a “Kinect System”, a system that is being further developed for gaming that allows the controller to play what feels like a physical role in the virtual environment. In short, there’s a box that offers a connection through a direct line of sight that can be programmed to detect hands, feet, etc. Prior to the selection of what limbs will be detected by the “Kinect System”, the program maps out a skeleton, and you select which points on the body the connection will follow. In the case of Marchelo’s piece, they chose the hands to be tracked by the connection, thus allowing the movement of one’s hands to correspond with the image.


“Mouse Trap”
by Meejin Hong


This animation is basically like painting on glass but the opposite. Instead of adding on the ink, I took it away: rolled up a solid layer of black Akua Intaglio ink on glass with a brayer, made the image by wiping away with tissue/dry brush/finger, captured a frame with a dslr canon d50 downshooter, then rolled up another layer of ink to start the whole process again. I drew around 500 frames and recorded sounds around the house.”

“Crow 206″
by Lynn Peterfreund


This 62 sec animation was done from 206 monotypes, which are one of a kind prints-painted and pulled by hand using Akua Intaglio ink. The music is by Sam Xenos.”