Fade to Black Small Print Competition


F a d e T o B l a c k

Small Print Competition Winners
Prizes courtesy of Akua Inks from Rostow & Jung,  One Week Workshop from Making Art Safely Revere Paper from Legion Papers

Martin Mathias 1st Place

“Gluon du trou”, Reduction Linocut, 8 scales of gray printed with Akua Intaglio Carbon Black, Blending Medium & Transparent Base on Arches 88 paper

Artist Bio
“I am 34 and I live in the countryside, in the east of France. I first studied interior design in Paris and then learned animation techniques at “Gobelins”, also in Paris. Since 2003, I have been working in the animation industry, focusing on character animation. As my work is entirely done on computer, I miss paper and real colors. So, about a year ago, I did my first linocuts and since I have been more and more interested in printing techniques, trying everything I can.”
-Martin Mathias
Vuillafans, France

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Beth Atkinson 2nd Place

“My Power”, Solarplate Intaglio Etching, Printed with Akua Intaglio Lamp Black on Revere Silk Standard White paper

Artist Bio
“I currently teach Drawing, Portfolio Preparation and Advanced Placement Visual Arts at Hicksville High School in NY and have been there for 26 years. I got my BFA in 1983 from Purchase College as a printmaking major and got my MS from Queens College in 1991. I continue to exhibit my work on a regular basis in NY and Washington State in a variety of juried exhibtions. My work is mostly in the area of printmaking and book arts.”
-Beth Atkinson
Hicksville, NY


Andrea Kichaven 3rd Place

“Black Study I”, Monotype/ Collagraph, Printed with Akua Intaglio Bone Black, Mars Black & Paynes Gray on Revere Silk Standard White paper

Artist Bio
“My works explore and combine abstraction and representation, sometimes within the same piece. In the process of experimentation and unknown possibilities, one image generates another, and seldom do I know where the process will lead me. I have taken monotype workshops with Linda Taylor, Michael McCabe and Ron Pokrasso, and have a background in graphic design and advertising.”
-Andrea Kichaven
Los Angeles, CA

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