Enchanted Drypoint Workshop with Hugh Bryden:

Drypoint Workshop with Hugh Bryden
At Making Art Safely, Santa Fe, New Mexico

For more info: Contact: Don Messec, 505-780 0920
Visit: www.makingartsafely.com

As Hugh puts it, “the key to things about this drypoint method is the simplicity -no chemical processes or sophisticated equipment and it can be done out on site. The educational benefits are considerable, it is a perfect introduction to intaglio, and the materials are inexpensive and completely safe. The method itself I have found over the years is accessible to pupils of all ages and really develops drawing skills and linear interpretation as well as giving important insights into color mixing.


Using portable printing presses, this workshop will take field trips for inspiration in and around Santa Fe, The Land of Enchantment. Once on site, you will get to work with Scottish printmaker Hugh Bryden and discover the ease and beauty of his well developed 4 color drypoint process.

With Akua intaglio inks, the new 42lbs highly innovative portable Uber Press it is possible to have all you need right there with you on site. Hugh says, “I think the combination of the Uber press and the Akua inks makes for a great opportunity to make fresh, immediate prints on location and that really excites me.”



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