Photo Carborundum

Use Akua Liquid Pigment for thin color with lots of plate tone to manipulate on the smooth surface of the plate

Use Akua Intaglio inks for heavier ink applications and higher contrast prints.

A Photo Carborundum print is made by applying a mixture of carborundum grit and acrylic gel to the plate by squeegee through a photo stencil adhered to a silk screen. The plate dries and hardens, and is inked and printed with a press.

Karen Cunningham printed the same PhotoCarborundum plate four times. Each time it went through the press with only one color.  She used Akua Liquid Pigment inks on all four passes.  First Dairylide Yellow, second Quinacridone Red, third Phthalo Blue Green and fourth Lamp Black.  She manipulated the ink differently each time. The paper  remained dry throughout the printing process.