Use Akua Liquid Pigment & Akua Intaglio inks


A Monoprint is an image composed of a monotype and some other form of printmaking resulting in a variable edition. Each print from the variable edition is a one of a kind print where part of the image is repeatable on a fixed matrix and part is not. The following image Family of Three was made by printing a drypoint plate on top of a subtractive monotype print. The final image was printed many times, each time in a different way.

Images below were taken from the Safer Printmaking DVD.

Family of Three
by Susan Rostow & Jarrett Jung (age 5)
Drypoint Monoprint

Family of Three
printed a different way

Rolling Akua Liquid Pigment onto the monotype plate with the use of a brayer.

Applying drops of red Akua Liquid Pigment onto the monotype plate.

Drawing the image by removing the ink with with tissue paper.

Printing the red plate on top of the yellow print.

This plastic drypoint plate was printed on top of the colored monotype.