Intaglio Type

Use Akua Intaglio Inks

The word intaglio comes from the Italian language, and it means carved or recessed. Traditionally, lines or textures are cut or etched with acid into the surface of a metal plate. An intaglio-type is an image using an alternative technique that utilizes photopolymer film (ImagOn) for making the plate. This photo sensitive film can be laminated to plastic or metal plates. Photographs or hand drawn films can be used to create the incised image on the plate.
The intaglio-type plate is inked, and then wiped clean in the same manner as traditional intaglio methods. The ink lies only in the recess areas. A print is made when damp paper is laid onto the plate, and the two are rolled under pressure together in an etching press.
The Contemporary Printmaker by Keith Howard is an excellent reference book for learning this process.

Fireman's Tears by: Keith Howard
Fireman's Tears by: Keith Howard

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by: Erin Holscher