Use Akua Liquid Pigment & Akua Intaglio
for all types of Monotypes

A monotype is a one of a kind print where none or the image is from a repeatable plate.

Akua Liquid Pigment and Akua Intaglio water-based inks stay wet on the monotype plate for a very long time, allowing many hours to create an image. They can be printed on dry paper, which results in more brilliant colors and sharper images.

Additive & Reductive Monotype
by Catherine Tuttle using
Akua Liquid Pigment & Akua Intaglio Inks

Monotype Methods

Additive monotype: Created by painting or drawing directly on the plate. The ink is applied with a brush, or any other tool.

Reductive Monotype: Entails rolling up the plate with ink first. Then the image is wiped out with a variety of tools such as rags. (Also known as the reductive method, or dark field monotype).

Trace Monotype: A direct-drawing printmaking technique. (Also known as transfer drawing).

Viscosity Monotype: A monotype made with two or more inks with different viscosities, thick and thin, which resist one another when rolled onto the plate.

Clay Monotype: Made from a slab of clay.