Suggested  Supplies

Akua Intaglio inks /  Paper

Platemaking Supplies / Plates

A collagraph is a platemaking process in which simple materials such as acrylic mediums, textured papers, fabrics, etc. are used to build up the surface of the plate. Silk Aquatint, Carborundum, and Photo Carborundum are considered Collagraphs. These low tech and inexpensive methods will produce rich and highly developed images with out the use of dangerous chemicals or acids. The materials applied to the plate will determine the tone and strengths of the ink, and will also give you a variation of textures. Once dry, the collagraph plate can be printed either as intaglio or relief.

Thin plates (.040 or .030 ) can easily be cut with a mat knife to create shaped images as demonstrated in this Collagrah (above) by Tung Hoang entitledFishing Out Of the Pot” .


The collagraph plate can be combined with monotype techniques as shown in this print by Ron Meir entitled “Fe.”