Tung Hoang



Biking #3 (series)
32″ x 24″
intaglio-type, chine colle on Vietnamese paper


Fishing Out Of the Pot #1 (series)
32″ x 48″
intaglio-type, chine colle



Home #1 (series)
32″ x 48″
intaglio-type, chine colle



Jumping Out Of The Pot #1 (series)
32″ x 48″
intaglio-type, chine colle



Riding Home #1 (series)
32″ x 48″
Intaglio-type, chine colle


Artist Biography

Tung Hoang was born in Hanoi Vietnam. In 1980, He moved to the United State as a refugee. He was raised and educated in New Haven and East Haven, Connecticut. He completed his bachelor degree in Fine Studio Art at Southern Connecticut State University. He went on to complete his MFA in non-toxic printmaking at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. He is one of the first three researchers in the world to work and tested Du Pont’s ImagOn (Ultra) at RIT and the first researcher to test Rostow and Jung’s water-based Intaglio inks. Tung taught non-toxic printmaking at RIT and has given non-toxic printmaking workshop at Rostow & Jung’s and SCSU.

©Tung Hoang