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What is Carborundum Print/Platemaking?

Carborundum printmaking is a collagraph process in which the image is created directly on the plate by applying an abrasive grit (Carborundum) mixed with an acrylic medium or glue. Once dried, it forms areas of texture or line which is then inked intaglio, relief or both. The plate is printed with an etching press or by hand with an Akua™ Pin Press in the same manner as other printmaking plates.

Since the carborundum mixture is built up on the plate, the paper embosses when going through the press creating a rich, dense surface. The plates can be printed many times.

Printmakers have been experimenting with methods for making carborundum prints for decades. AkuaCarborundum Gel improves results by offering a formulation that is consistent and reliable. Carborundum Gel is performance-tested, so printmakers can rely on the consistency of this platemaking medium from start to finish. As a result, prints will be strong and vivid, each and every time.

Printable Introductory PDF | More Info on Akua™ Carborundum Gel



Carborundum Platemaking Techniques



DARK FIELD is a subtractive method where Carborundum Gel is applied over the entire printmaking plate and the image is created on the plate by removing the medium with various tools. Once the plate is made, it can be printed many times yielding deep, velvety prints. Carborundum Gel plates can be printed by hand with the Akua™ Pin Press or with a traditional etching press.

Click Here for How-To Instructional Guide for  Carborundum Mezzotype: Dark Field & Reductive Techniques (print friendly, 15 pg. PDF)



LIGHT FIELD is an additive method where the image is created by applying the Carborundum Gel directly on the printmaking plate.

COMING SOON! How-To Instructional Guide for Light Field and Additive Carborundum Techniques


STENCIL/SILKSCREEN plates are created by squeegeeing Akua™ Carborundum Gel through a hand/machine cut or any silkscreen stencil.

COMING SOON! How-To Instructional Guide for Silkscreen and Stencil Carborundum Techniques