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About Akua Liquid Pigment

Fluid Pigment for Printmaking & Painting on Paper

Originally developed for monotype printmaking, Akua Liquid Pigment can also be used for other techniques, such as Japanese woodcut and painting on paper. By adding drops of these concentrated pigments into Akua Intaglio Transparent Base, you can custom make intaglio or relief inks.

Made with light fast pigments, pure gum binders and honey

No chalk, fillers, dryers, or polymers are added. Colors dry with a luminous finish. The addition of honey gives the brilliant and vibrant appearance.


Akua Liquid Pigment has an exceptionally rich working consistency which “feels right” for both additive and reductive monotype techniques. It’s unique slow drying formula allows many hours to create an image on the monotype plate.

Roll-up Capable

Akua Liquid Pigment is rolled directly onto the plate. There is no need to roll-up and transfer the ink using a separate ink slab. Rolling Akua Liquid Pigment directly on the plate will save you money and time because ink is never wasted, and no time is spent cleaning an ink slab.

Easily Modified

Choose from a wide range of Akua modifiers to adjust sheen, thickness and transparency.

Akua Liquid Pigment and Akua Intaglio are compatible

Akua Liquid Pigment can be mixed into Akua Intaglio Inks or Transparent Base to create various new colors for intaglio or relief techniques. Akua Liquid Pigment can also be printed on top or beneath Akua Intaglio inks for multi-plate overlays.

Prints on Dry Paper

Akua Liquid Pigment prints beautifully on dry paper because it stays wet on the plate.
The tedious task of soaking, blotting, flattening and drying paper before and after printing is eliminated. It also allows for perfect registration because the paper will not stretch or shrink when it goes through the press.

Print With or Without a Press

Prints can be made with the use of an etching press, or by hand pressure using a PinPress, baren or spoon.

Cleans up easily with water

Clean up is fast and easy with just water and a rag. You will have more time for creativity as you save time on preparation and clean up. You will save money by never having to buy solvents again. Rags can be washed in soap and water and reused.

Akua Liquid Pigment
Color Chart

There are no suspension agents added to Akua Liquid Pigment, therefore pigments settle to the bottom. A mixing ball is enclosed in the bottle to ease the mixing/shaking of some of the heavier pigments.

Sold in 4-ounce squeeze bottles with spill proof twist off cap.
All colors are light fast.

We’ve recently improved our Akua Liquid Pigment bottle design to include a twist spout. Original-style bottles require the addition of a flip-top lid for measured pouring of ink. New batches of ink do not require an additional flip-top lid. Colors that require a flip-top lid are indicated below with an asterisk *.

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Color Chart (print 1 page pdf)

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Akua Release Agent

Release Agent has three purposes.

1. Hand Printing with the PinPress

Required to release Akua Liquid Pigment brushwork from plate to paper when hand-printing monotypes with the Pin Press.

Hand Printing Instructions

2) Used for ghost prints.

A ghost print is the second print from a monotype plate that has been inked only one time. It is a lighter version of the same image. By rolling Release Agent over the plate, it helps to transfer the remaining ink off the plate and onto another sheet of paper. Release Agent looks white in the jar but rolls-up clear and colorless. It has a soft, buttery consistency and cleans up with liquid dish detergent. Akua Release Agent is highly recommended for monotype with Akua Liquid Pigment. This modifier helps produce rich prints with minimal pressure and fantastic ghost impressions.

Ghost Print Instructions

3) For Releasing Metallic Inks

Roll Akua Release Agent over the metallic ink that was applied to the plate. The Akua Intaglio Release Agent softens the metallic ink and allows for a better release from plate to paper during the printing process. The more ink that releases from the plate the more intense the shine.



Intaglio Transparent Base

8 fl. oz. / 237 ml jar

  • For Akua Liquid Pigment Instructions Transforms Akua Liquid Pigment into intaglio ink or relief ink

Blending Medium

4 fl. oz. / 119 ml bottle

Ink Stifener (Mag Mix)

8 fl. oz. / 237 ml jar


4 fl. oz. / 119 ml bottle

  • For Akua Liquid Pigment Instructions
  • Acts as a release
  • Slows drying rate
  • For Akua Intaglio N/A

Tack Thickener

4 fl. oz. / 119 ml bottle

  • For Akua Liquid Pigment Instructions
  • Thickens for relief printing
  • Deepens colors
  • For Akua Intaglio N/A


4 fl. oz. / 119 ml bottle

  • Reconstitutes”air thickened” ink
  • Dilutes pigment intensity
  • For Akua Intaglio N/A

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