Akua Demo Artist Program




Akua Demo Artist Program | Est. 2014


The Akua Demo Artist Program is comprised of working artists/printmakers across a rage of techniques who possess extensive knowledge of Akua Inks and products. While each of our artist’s employ their own distinct styles and specific techniques in which they specialize, there is one element that remains constant– each are able to create prints with Akua Inks, which reflect the quality and unlimited potential found within each of the products within our IntaglioTM and Liquid PigmentTM lines.


Meet the Akua Demo Artists! Click each artists photo to read more about them…



Susanne Carmack

Charlie Ciali

Victoria Cowan

Talleen Hacikyan

Astrid Ho

Donald Martin

Barbara Mason

Junanne Peck

Joyce Silverstone

Melanie Yazzie

Curtis Wright

Carey James

D. Mort Eicher

Julio Valdez