Additive Monotype

Suggested  Supplies

Akua Liquid Pigment and/or Akua Intaglio inks
Akua Liquid Pigment / Akua Intaglio / Modifiers / Pens & Applicators / Monotype Plates / Smooth Paper / PinPress

FREE Instructions (Printable)  for Additive Monotype using Akua Liquid Pigment

FREE Instructions (Printable) for Additive Monotype using Akua Intaglio

An additive monotype is created by painting directly on the plate, that is then printed onto paper. The ink is applied with a brush, or any other tool.


Mandarin 2 printed with Akua Liquid Pigment by: Heike Rem

Mountain Study 3
by: Catherine Tuttle

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Flower Child
by: Susan Rostow & Jarett Jung

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Eggplant & Hot Sauce
by: Kate Jenkins